About ChinaCorr

ChinaCorr 2020 organized by NACE International and the Chinese Petroleum Society:

  • Provides an international technology exchange platform for petroleum, petrochemical and related industries in the field of corrosion control and protection;this
  • Brings together experts from various countries to study and seek solutions to protect people, asset and environment from the adverse effects of corrosion;
  • Helps petroleum and petrochemical enterprises address the pressing corrosion challenges in exploration and development, oil and gas pipeline network, refining and other fields; and
  • Strengthens the research and application of new technologies and methods in the field of corrosion prevention

Who Should Attend

  • Corrosion engineers
  • Engineers who involve in oil, gas, pipeline, refining, offshore & marine, pressure equipment and non-metallic materials
  • Consultants
  • Inspectors
  • Oil & Gas owners and operators
  • Pipeline owners and operators

Top Job Titles

  • Director
  • Engineer
  • Facility Manager
  • President/Vice President
  • Senior Corrosion Technician

For more information, please contact:
Reygie de Borja - reygie.deborja@nace.org
Catherine Shen - catherine.shen@nace.org

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